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Tainted (Oh Captain, My Captain #7)

Tainted (Oh Captain, My Captain #7)

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Oh Captain, My Captain presents Valo Manner of the Liberty Eagles.

Valo Manner was traded to the Maine team a few seasons ago and worked his way up to his current position as a captain. He’s enjoyed the change, living with a rookie roommate, but he’s missing his someone special. When he finally makes a move on the girl he has his sights set on, he isn’t expecting the whirlwind she comes with.

Jade Patterson has had nothing but bad luck her whole life. She’s had to fight for every scrap of food that she’s ever received. Her life quickly changes one night when working at the strip club that makes her keep a firm grip on her no-holds-bar attitude. Jade can’t believe that a Finnish hockey player wants anything more from her than what she can give to him in bed.  

Jade is sure her broken past and impure life will only taint Valo’s life. However, Valo does everything he can to show Jade that being tainted isn’t as bad as it seems.

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