Lindsay Paige’s Reading List

Carolina Rebels - Hockey Romance standalone series

  • Back to Me (Noah & Meredith) 
    • Bonus Short Story: The Next Step (Noah and Meredith)
  • Because It’s You (Marc & Lizzy)
    • Bonus Short Story: Love You More (Marc & Lizzy)
  • Us at First (Ian and Sydney’s prequel novella)
  • It’s Our Time (Ian and Sydney)
  • An Unexpected Life (Scott & Sylvia novella)
  • Attached to You (Brayden & Deanna)
  • Worth the Risk (EJ & Raelynn)
  • Where We Belong (Collin & Julie)
  • All or Something (Sergey & Galina novella)

Hearts in Carolina - Contemporary Romance standalone series (characters tend to first appear in the Carolina Rebels series in some way)

  • Steady (Logan & Kayla). Logan first appears in Us at First/It’s Our Time - he’s Sydney’s stepbrother; timeline overlaps some with Where We Belong, so possible minor spoilers for the Carolina Rebels series if you haven’t the books prior.
  • Defend (Brent & Jamie) - Brent is first mentioned in Steady.

New Adult Romance Duets:

  • Sanity - (Trace & Brittany). No major overlaps, but Trace later makes an appearance in Where We Belong (Carolina Rebels)
    • Driving Me Mad
    • Making Me Sane
  • Heaven and Hell - (FC and Idaline). Occurs after Defend as Brent and Jamie make an appearance.
    • Hell and a Hard Place
    • Light in the Dark 
  • Hourglass (incomplete) - (Chloe & Isaiah).
    • Awaken
  • Bracing for Love
    • Bracing the Blue Line (Neil and Audra, Grant and Lucy, & Winston and Maddie)
    • Nepenthe (Corey & Olivia). Corey is Lucy’s brother.


  • Bending Under Pressure - YA Romance (Keelan & Haley)
  • You Before Me - New Adult Romance (Gabe & Ryan)
  • Without A Doubt - New Adult Romance (Emerson & Eva)