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Where We Belong (Carolina Rebels, #8)

Where We Belong (Carolina Rebels, #8)

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Collin Kessy is more than meets the eye. Most only see one half of a star hockey duo and not what he keeps hidden away. Collin’s life begins to fall apart at the seams when his anxiety interferes with his performance on the ice. This is the worst possible time for a breakdown since his twin’s ex-girlfriend just moved in.

Julie Lockwood almost always has bad luck and it seems to follow her everywhere, even across state lines as she runs into Collin’s arms. Julie is certain if anyone can shine a light on her dreary life, it’s Collin. The secrets she keeps are to protect him, but she knows they will come to the surface as they begin a long-awaited relationship.

Collin and Julie are finally where they belong: together. They simply must travel a road of secrets, danger, and heartache first.

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