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Lindsay Paige

Sanity Bundle

Sanity Bundle

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Meet Trace and Brittany in the Sanity Duet. Follow along their journey as they fall in love and conquer their mental health issues.

Driving Me Mad

He was my therapist. 

She was my client. 

He’s the person I lean on and turn to.

She’s the person who brings me relief when there seems to be none.

He makes me smile and laugh when anxiety and depression consume me.

She helps me breathe when depression is choking me.

I don't know how to live without him.

I don't know how to be honest with her.

Are we driving each other mad?

Making Me Sane: 

He was my boyfriend. My rock. The love of my life. 

She was my girlfriend. My love. My everything. 

He abandoned me. 

I walked away. 

I hate him, but I love him. 

I love her and have nothing but regret for letting her go. 

He caused me so much pain; I just can't trust him. 

I can't live without her. I will earn back her trust. 

He's drawing me in but should I stay? 

I'll fight for her with everything I have. 

Is there a chance we can go from driving each other mad to making each other sane?

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