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Carolina Rebels Series: Volume Two (Carolina Rebels Series Boxed Sets, #2)

Carolina Rebels Series: Volume Two (Carolina Rebels Series Boxed Sets, #2)

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In Volume Two, readers meet Scott Boyd, Brayden Hayes, EJ Bertuzzi, and Collin Kessy. Can these Carolina Rebels be as devoted off the ice as they are on the ice?

Scott Boyd adores his wife, even if she can be hard to handle. With their tenth anniversary and preseason right around the corner, they both want Sylvia back to normal as soon as possible. A doctor's appointment and test results reveal news that neither of them expect and will certainly change their lives forever.

Brayden Hayes is all work and no play. Meeting one woman is all it takes to finally force hisself to find a balance between work on the ice and relationships away from it. Deanna Mitchell hops from guy to guy because she doesn’t want to settle for just anyone. She has made a lot of mistakes, but deciding to see Brayden is not one of them. She thinks. Together, they discover that finding a balance isn’t hard when you’re with the right person.

EJ Bertuzzi didn’t expect to be a father so soon in life, and he’s had to rely on others for help when it comes to taking care of his little princess, Bree. Raelynn Woods is a young single mom who has had many lows in her life with the only bright spot being her son, Jackson. EJ and Raelynn battle with their attraction to one another while struggling to keep a friendly, yet professional relationship. If they give each other a chance, they might just discover the outcome is worth the risk.

Collin Kessy’s life begins to fall apart at the seams when his anxiety interferes with his performance on the ice. This is the worst possible time for a breakdown since his twin’s ex-girlfriend just moved in. Julie Lockwood almost always has bad luck and it seems to follow her everywhere, even across state lines as she runs into Collin’s arms. Collin and Julie are finally where they belong: together. They simply must travel a road of secrets, danger, and heartache first.

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