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Back to Me: Special Edition (Carolina Rebels, #1)

Back to Me: Special Edition (Carolina Rebels, #1)

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Copies of Back to Me sold here automatically include the short story, Love You More.

Noah Ramsey has a great hockey career, a wonderful family, and a good best friend, but what he wants most is to be with the love of his life who walked away from him years ago. When he finds her at the airport, he realizes she's changed, and she's struggling with things she doesn't want to tell him about. Noah also realizes just how much she scarred him when she left. 

Meredith Quick always plans everything out. She chose her tennis career over love in order to better succeed, but her plan dissolves when an injury threatens her career and her fiancé leaves her. Struggling through pain and the uncertainty of her future, she realizes her first misstep was walking away from Noah. She impulsively decides to go back to him while she attempts to put her life back together.

Reacquainting isn't easy when Noah doesn't quite trust Meredith to stay and Meredith struggles with overcoming the pain she's endured without him. Can they work through their issues and move forward, or will their past ruin things between them forever?

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Love You More: A Carolina Rebels Short Story

Noah and Meredith are getting married in Love You More, but Meredith is also eager for something else and worries Noah isn't on the same page.

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