WIP Progress Report: October 2023

It’s time for the monthly progress report, where on the first Monday of the month, I share where I am with my WIPs aka Work(s)-In-Progress. Let’s dive in, shall we?

I've been focusing on Zane's book. Quite frankly, I'm flabbergasted at my progress this past month. I often felt as if I wasn't making enough progress, but alas, I went from 15% completed to 38%! 


I'm thoroughly enjoying Zane and Violet. I've snuck back over to another Rebels WIP a few times (up to 46% completion on that one!) and I've been thinking about Cal lately as well, but haven't touched his just yet. 

Anyhoo, I really hope you guys will love Zane too when it's time to share his story. To me, he's grown since being with Deanna and we get a different view of him now that he's met his match. Because I can't resist, here's a tiny teaser:

I’ve never felt like such a loser. Well, aside from what happened with Deanna. This is worse, though. Once again getting my hopes up on a woman, on a situation, that will clearly lead nowhere.

That's the main update I have on my WIPS.

Once again, the tentative order of upcoming books are:

- Zane's book (tentatively titled Might as Well)

- Maybe Cal

- A new Rebel who's been traded to the team, tentatively titled More than Enough

- A military romance novel

And somewhere in there, I'll be releasing a special edition of a previously released book as well as working on a short story for Brayden and Deanna (which will likely be shared after the last Rebel book). 

Can we also just take a moment for me to pay myself on the back? I've never had such ease with coming up with a title. It's usually one of the last things, and yet I have TWO WIPs with tentative titles. Craziness.

I’m so grateful to once again have something to share and as always, you for your support. 

That’s all I have for this month.

Until next time, happy reading.

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