WIP Progress Report: February 2024

It’s time for the monthly progress report, where on the first Monday of the month, I share where I am with my WIPs aka Work(s)-In-Progress. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Quick recap ICYMI: I'm working on 3 of the last (for now) Carolina Rebels books, featuring Zane Landry, Derek Novak, and Cal Kessy.

Now, onto the nitty gritty.

Zane's WIP went from 53% to 56%, which doesn't sound like a lot, but you'll see why it is still quite the feat in a few. I'm hoping to wrap his WIP up this month. The good news is the next chunk of the book is planned out in my head; it's literally just waiting for me to write it all out.

So, that's Zane's update. 

Then, there's Derek's WIP, which is where the biggest news lies. His book is 99.9% complete! This is a relief because now I can focus on the primary WIP, which is Zane's.

Because I'll probably multi-task and also work on Cal's, I'll share an update on his, though it's super small. I have about 5% completed on his. Not much at all, but we should see progress soon.

Unfortunately, two additional WIPs are now trying to take over as well. So, I spent some time getting words written in those if only to get some peace of mind.

I'm hoping to start releasing in late 2024 and will hopefully be more consistent after that. The plan for February is to wrap up Zane's book and start working on Cal's more. Fingers crossed. 

As always, thank you for your support. 

Until next time, happy reading.

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