WIP Progress Report: December 2023

It’s time for the monthly progress report, where on the first Monday of the month, I share where I am with my WIPs aka Work(s)-In-Progress. Let’s dive in, shall we?

I'll be honest. There's not much to report. Between the holidays and overall craziness of November, I checked out a little and didn't make the time to write as much as I probably should have.

But! I can still share an update because there was progress to be had. Not much. But some.

Zane is still my primary focus. I only went from 47% complete to 50%, but I'll take it. Hopefully, December will bring us closer to completion. I'm still thinking I'll wait until the last three books are written until I start releasing any of them.

Anyway, back to Zane. There's somewhere I want to take Zane's story and I'm currently at the part where I need to fill in the blanks of how I'll get him there, which honestly is another reason I didn't write much. My brain hasn't had the capacity or determination to fill in the missing pieces. We'll get there, though!

I recently shared a teaser from the first chapter in my last newsletter for those who elect a monthly subscription. Check it out and subscribe.

Derek (a Rebel y'all haven't met yet) and Cal have been quiet in the last month, but I'm getting a better feel of Cal and things he'll encounter in his story.

That's really all I've got. Not much of an update but I am still working albeit slowly.

As always, you for your support. 

Until next time, happy reading.

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