WIP Progress Report: April 2024

It’s time for the monthly progress report, where on the first Monday of the month, I share where I am with my WIPs aka Work(s)-In-Progress. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Quick recap ICYMI: I've been working on the next Carolina Rebels books and a host of other WIPs. You can find a cohesive list of all my WIPs at the end!

Carolina Rebels WIPs: 
Might as Well (Carolina Rebels #10) = rough draft done (Zane)
More than Enough (Carolina Rebels, #11) = rough draft done! (Derek)
Surrender to You (Carolina Rebels #12) = 17%. (Cal)

As you can see the biggest update here is that Zane's rough draft is complete! I'm going to take a mini break to recharge both from having written two books in the last six months or so and because I have a new position at work and refueling will be necessary.

I will take some time this month to really think about a release plan now that the rough drafts are done, so I should have updates on that front soon. How exciting is that! 

My initial plan after Zane's book was to shift focus to Cal. And I may. I have a really beautifully evil idea for his book and definitely need to mentally recharge before I focus on him. But I may also drift into something else. Who knows. We'll see.

As always, thank you for your support. 

Until next time, happy reading.

Full list of WIPs:

Carolina Rebels:
Might as Well (Zane's book) - rough draft finished; hoping for a Dec 2024 release
More than Enough (Derek's book) - rough draft finished
Surrender to You (Cal's book) - 17% complete
Small Town Romance Series - Name TBD:
Working on 2 WIPs; have about 5 planned so far. 1 is 23% complete and and another is 19% complete.
May also do a YA series set in same town.
Hearts in Carolina series:
Not currently working on any at the moment, but expect to see Henry (Raelynn's ex) and another character from the Carolina Rebels at some point.
Hourglass Duet:
I'm still working on the sequel. Honestly, Awaken was a huge flop, but I wrote it for me and I do want to finish the sequel for myself and the few readers who bought book 1. 32% completed.
TBD Trilogy (?):
I don't know. Got an idea for a story. May do single POV, starting in HS until mid-twenties at least.

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